Brampton Auto Service provides the best services to its customers. Our company takes the best care of the vehicles of our customers. The people of Brampton trust us and allow us to deal with their cars. Our mechanics at Brampton Auto service make the most of their experience and knowledge to solve the problems of vehicles. Their hard work, consistency, and expertise join to make your car ready to go on the road without any problem. We make sure that every part of your vehicle is functional. If your vehicle needs replacement of any part, we replace it with the quality part that best matches your vehicle.


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air conditioner repair
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We offer evaluations of your vehicle's HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems...

Brake System

A vehicle's brake system is one of its most important components. The brake system of your vehicle...

Oil Change

Vehicles need to have their oil changed. Engine oil keeps parts of the engine lubricated so that they...

Suspension System

Vehicles require a suspension system in order to remain stable. Tires, shock absorbers...

Trasmission System

Transmission is another important vehicle system that is made up of gears...

Smoke & Noise

The expulsion of large amounts of smoke and the increased noise in the vehicle indicate...

Exhaust Repair

Pipes, manifold, converter, muffler, tailpipe, and resonator are all parts of an exhaust system...


Are you in need of tune-up services in Brampton? Brampton auto service will take care of you...

Engine Service

Are you looking for the best engine service in Brampton? Brampton auto service will look after you...


Are you looking for an auto safety inspection in Brampton? At Brampton auto service...

Computer Diagnostic

Auto computer diagnostics is the modern way of scanning the problems of...

Auto Wiring Repairs

Are you looking for auto wiring repair services in Brampton? Brampton auto service...

Auto Batteries

Are you looking for auto batteries in Brampton? Brampton auto service will take care of you...

Winter tires

Are you looking for winter tires in Brampton? Brampton auto service will take care of you. We provide...

Used Cars

Are you looking for used cars in Brampton? Brampton auto service will look after you. Our clients...

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Would highly recommend this auto shop! Wasif is very professional, helpful & trustworthy. They have had great pries all the time. Will definitely come back.

Billy Jhon

 I've been using this mechanic shop for over 11 years. Johnny is very knowledgeable. BAS team has experience in many makes.

Naomi Gomez

My car needed a new fuel pump. Took my car in and had the repairs done in the same day. The Service was Fantastic.

Albert Tesla