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Brampton Auto service has been serving the Brampton area through hard work and sincerity. Our expert mechanics provide quality and professional service to the customers. Every kind of vehicle – domestic or imported – is repaired with updated tools and technologies. All we want is your complete safety on the road. Price affordability is what makes our auto shop repair Brampton more attractive. From repairs to cleaning, we provide every service that your vehicle needs to drive safely on the road. Our customers and mechanics work and cooperate like a family. The experienced mechanics sit together with our concerned customers to give them valuable advice.


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We offer evaluations of your vehicle's HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems at BAS...

Brake System

A vehicle's brake system is one of its most important components. The brake system of your vehicle...

Oil Change

Vehicles need to have their oil changed. Engine oil keeps parts of the engine lubricated so that they...

Suspension System

Vehicles require a suspension system in order to remain stable. Tires, shock absorbers, springs, and...

Trasmission System

Transmission is another important vehicle system that is made up of gears and gear trains...

Smoke & Noise

The expulsion of large amounts of smoke and the increased noise in the vehicle indicate that the vehicle has been damaged...

Exhaust Repair

Pipes, manifold, converter, muffler, tailpipe, and resonator are all parts of an exhaust system...


The word "tune-up" refers to a thorough examination of the vehicle. All of the vehicle's components...

Engine Service

Are you looking for the best engine service in Brampton? Brampton auto service will look after you...
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Brampton Auto Service has the best technicians. Their skillset makes our auto repair shop legit and reliable. They give their best to satisfy the needs of customers. They have complete knowledge of the sensor system of automatic vehicles. They are trained in every aspect of dealing with modern machinery and vehicles. They are certified by the Ministry of Transportation. Our mechanics go through proper testing and interview systems before entering Brampton Auto Service. They strive their best to solve any vehicle problems. They are the best mechanics in Brampton.


Brampton Auto Service is equipped with every kind of modern technology. The tools and machines which are needed to repair the vehicles are available in the car service Brampton shop. Customers don’t have to worry about how they can repair imported vehicles. Mechanics at Brampton Auto Service handle the imported vehicles with great accuracy.



Repairing automobiles have always been a highly-priced process. Car owners always worry about the huge amount they have to pay for repairing their vehicles. Brampton Auto Service’s budget is cost-effective, makes the customers feel relaxed, and encourages them to park their cars in the garage of the auto repair shop. By taking the customer’s needs into account, Brampton Auto Service offers flexible payment methods. If the customers can’t pay through cash, we take payments through debit cards. On top of that, Brampton auto repair shop also offers payments through installment for the convenience of customers who can’t pay at once.


We provide a hygienic environment at Brampton Auto Service for the customers. The customers come and converse with our experienced mechanics for their best advice. Our technicians properly diagnose the condition of vehicles of customers and suggest to them the best solutions regarding their cars. The customers are provided with the facility of Wi-Fi in the waiting area while their cars are getting repaired. This is one of the best auto repair shops in Brampton.


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We also offer used cars in Brampton for sale to our customers. Except for used cars for sale Brampton auto service also sells winter tires, auto batteries, and other spare parts.

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